Your OWN Service Dog?

The reason for Nox
Nox isn't just for me, here's the reason for #NoxStory
 That dog is there to provide a service, and will have to go back to the owner/ company that provided the animal, that is someone else's dog, there to provide assistance to you, unless you pay for the purchase.
Enter #NoxStory this is a story about how you can raise, train to suit your needs, and make it so you know the steps into making your dog a service dog to meet your needs.
Now this isn't meaning to take any dog, for someone who doesn't have a medical need to take your dog and make he/she into a service animal this page is for those who are confused by the massive amount of fake websites, scams, non-approved by ADA ways to "register" a service animal.
The ADA does not require certification of any kind to have a service animal, do they need to be trained to preform a task? Yes. Do they need to be trained to be behaved in public environments, such as not jumping on people etc? Yes. Do you need medical documentation to show to a trainer if that's the route you want to go, and want to pay for them to be trained, Yes. Now if you go through a trainer it's considered to make your dog "certified" this just means it's been trained by a Licensed trainer who may have a vast more experience in training animals to be able to preform tasks where as you, as an individual, may not have the expertise in. For some who don't have the time, patience, or skills to train themselves, this is an excellent route, but I always suggest to do research into the trainers prior to handing over your dog for hours a day, and to also take part in the training process, after all they're being trained for you!
ADA Regarding Service Animals Link

Printable Cards Link (as shown above)

This way you can keep your loyal friend for their lifetime!

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