Surgery Completion!

Sorry for missing our #SundaySnuggles 2/4 and our #ThursdayTrivia last week folks, we had a lot going on celebrating St. Brigid's day, and Nox Surgery coming to a close!! 

His stitches are finally healed, his swelling looks non-existent. He's been released from his cone (which has also greatly helped his skin condition to heal as well), and he's back to the working grind of training. His videos will be back up this week. 

We're doing more (outside of Petco) training, to prepare for his CGC Test, which was placed on hold from his surgery procedure. We're going to our last training session this Thursday 2/8, but we're doing training around my work campus every day for 1 hour (since it's so cold outside!) to work on our inter office training. Today was a huge accomplishment, our first day back in the office since the surgery and without the Calming Aid Tablets mixed with peanut butter (like we usually do). He was a little rowdy but calmed down once he has a snack of blueberries.

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