First Day Back

Our first day back in the office was a bit of an adjustment, just like when you come back from a long vacation, getting back into the work flow environment can be a struggle in the beginning. We're warming up to the office by coming in on Sunday's when no one is in the building, or at least less people, and walking around, getting to re-know the area. Luckily Nox remembered right where I sit, and I had his water and a few toys all ready for him to relax while I was on my computer. A little bit of whining at first but that quickly died down once he got a treat for not whining. Positive reinforcements work best with Nox, if he knows he's even remotely in trouble his ears go back and get's the cutest look, I'll upload a picture soon of that! He knew to let me know when he needed a relief break, and exactly where to go, which is from when he was coming to work with me regularly prior to me taking medical leave.

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