Happy Gotcha Day!

Happy Gotcha Day Nox

On November 1st 2017 we got Nox from Dallas Fort Worth Airport. After driving in circles looking for the Cargo pickup we finally met Nox for the first time. A little jetlagged but mostly scared because it was the first time being away from what he knew for his entire life. His first 4 days he cried to sleep every night, and would not sleep unless I slept beside him throughout the night.

Throughout our first year, we’ve dealt with our share of blunders, from chewing the crown molding, to eating the carpet, but overall Nox has gotten used to his new role, even though is overly curious and crosses the line sometimes. Shepherds are quick to learn and correct their actions when it comes to a mistake.

What we have learned in our first year, don’t bother getting the vest, they will be out grown in a matter of months, rather, wait til a year old to invest in those kind of items. The things we used most was the training lead, easy walk harness, bitter apple and time, to learn within our first year.

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