Denied Service Animal?

When dealing with an employer that denies your ability to allow your service animal, it's important to know your rights. If you have provided documentation from a medical practitioner stating that you are in their care, and need the animal to cope (example: PTSD) it's important to not be rash. Read through the company policies to know your within company policy, read your local legislature, as well as document everything! Keep every email, every written correspondence, and every shred of showing that you gave every opportunity to correct the situation. 

Day 1: On day 1 of employment I let my HR department know that I had a service animal and provided documentation showing that he was up-to-date on all medical documentation. Following up on daily basis to keep the processing moving. 
Providing letters stating as to why I need my service animal:
They then declined the letter, requesting for the doctor to complete a documentation with the company letterhead showing the exact same information as stated above. Which I filled out, gave to my doctor, she completed, and returned promptly to the doctor, within a weeks' time.
After 3 weeks of working there, I received a letter:
After reviewing the policies and procedures in detail on the company, that's when I realized the words "creating un-due hardships on the company" is listed in the policies of the company, as well as many other out-dated policies. So then I created a "policy updates" email, which was sent to my manager, then printed, to retain for my own records. (record everything)

In the end they "let me go" and I explained to unemployment I did nothing wrong, with records, and was given unemployment income. 

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