Happy 2nd Birthday Nox!

We went to the Dallas location, and at first it was nice, but quickly turned sour.

The way this “Cantina” is set up is outdoor seating (which you can reserve)

and it’s connected to a dog park with lots of seating inside for humans. 

There’s a referee to break up dog aggression with a blow horn,

so that’s peace of mind to a dog parent who loses sight for a moment or two.

The food is 2 out of 5 stars, your typical burger and chicken sandwich,

fries are overly salty but you get endless sodas so that’s worth it.

You can purchase several options on what you want your pawty to include:


Some clarity needs to be shined on this.

We purchased the Best in Show Package. = $100+ depending on your party size.
Honestly if you’re going to celebrate here, we recommend just paying to go to the park.
Contrary to their website images, none of these items are offered in your pawty.

They charge per meal, not per person, yes the food is for the human only, not the dog. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. This goes for food, and the popcorn, whether you pay for it or not, remember they charge for the meal (burger/ chicken) 

Table runners is just fake grass over the picnic table with a “reserved” sign for your group.

Bowl of bones are tin pales on your table with tissue paper and milkbones (that are stale) for the dogs.

The Pawty Favors, (ties for the dogs, and pawty hats), and the centerpieces, are not for you to keep. You are to return all hats and ties before you leave. 

They do not offer cake

They do not offer shakes

They do not offer 
any items such as cupcakes.
All in all, the park is nice, lots of room and activities but to pay $100+ for a party, the service, food, items you pay for and can’t keep is not worth it in our opinion. We attempted to contact their manager about the hats, ties, cake, and popcorn all of which we either didn’t get to keep or were not served, and were met with a very rude response from the manager at the Dallas location. Needless to say, we will not be going back.

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