Sensory Signal or Social Signal Dogs (SSigD)

Service Dog
Sensory Signal or Social Signal Dogs (SSigD)
Trained to assist a person with Autism. Similar to the Autism Assistance Dogs the dog will alert the handler to distracting repetitive movements common amongst those with Autism, allowing the person to stop the movement (ie hand flapping).
May or may not show signs of a disability. Likely to be a child, but could be older, may or may not be verbal.

No distinguishing gear is required; however the dog will normally carry emergency protocol in their vest, collar or on the handlers’ person.
If the person is in distress, the dog will take them to a place to calm down.
It’s important to educate those around you that if a dog in a Service vest or well-mannered dog approaches you, it may be a service animal and someone may be in need of help or medical attention.
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