Puppy Training Choices

Within the first week Nox learned Sit, and Down without a hitch, having trouble with stay and his crate training, going pee on the carpet a few times, mostly due to his new surroundings, and not knowing what to do. We started him on a lead leash which helped a lot with him straying from us on walks, making it easier for him to understand to walk beside us rather than drag us. Looked into basic obedience training to make things simpler and to keep him stimulated while we're at work. Found a few companies. We ultimately ended up going with Petco, so we could make it something that not only other people in other parts of the world can utilize but also Nox really connected with them the best.

For this program, you’ll drop your dog off in the morning and pick up in the evening. 
This program was designed for owners that are looking for good manners. 
We cannot address severe behavioral issues in this program.
We teach your dog to respond to six obedience commands
verbally, silently and with leash position. 
You receive 10 Day Training Sessions in this program. 
It’s best to start this program on a Monday. 
After the 10th session, you’ll have a one-hour orientation. 
This program includes 4 follow-up lessons and group class.
The cost for this program is $650.00 per dog.   

They often run promotionals where it's $30 off and you get $15 to spend in store. 
If you just recently got the puppy, bring in some form of adoption papers to get a "Puppy Packet" with discounts on:beds, bowls, training, dog food, treats, crates, gates, stain removal chemicals, potty pads,
scoopers for poop, collars, ID Tags, travel crates, brushes, mats, poop bags, chew toys, ropes,
vaccinations, vet consultations, grooming, dental care products, supplements and probiotics, and housebreaking tools.
Petco Training
Puppy Level # 1 
This 6-week introductory group class focuses on socialization and is designed to teach your puppy basics including "sit", loose leash walking and to come when called. This dog training class also covers problem-solving ideas for potty training, chewing, teething, digging and more.
Puppy Level # 2
This 6-week group class expands on lessons learned in Level 1, phases out the use of lures so you can have a well-mannered puppy all the time and introduces fun activities to help keep your puppy's mind active!
Puppy Level # 3
This comprehensive two-class package covers the basics of your puppy's educational needs. Includes Puppy Level 1, Puppy Level 2 and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test.
Complete Puppy
This comprehensive package gives your puppy the very best training. … Includes three group classes: Puppy Level 1, Puppy Level 2, one of our adult classes, a private lesson and AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test.
After speaking with the manager of training, they suggested rather than doing the  Complete Puppy to do the Levels individually, because you can actually save more money. Petco often runs specials for the classes, but you can only use them if you do the classes individually. This helps because they're spread a month apart. Giving you time to do Puppy #1, take a month off, continue the training at home, then next month, after your puppy has had a little break to then do Puppy #2 when the next special is going on, saving another $30 off the training, and get another $15 to spend in store on toys, and training treats!
Petsmart Training

Therapy Dog Training $119
Designed to help pet parents and their pets learn and practice skills needed to take a Therapy Dog Evaluation. You'll learn to read your pet's body language and demonstrate positive interactions.

6-week class includes:
-Practice reactions to distractions & core skills needed to take a Pet Assisted Therapy evaluation
-Build the relationship & trust between dog & handler
-Helps handlers understand the body language of their dogs & identify signs of stress
-Enhances communication & reliability between the dog & handler
-Prerequisite: Advanced Training or comparable skill level

Puppy Training $119
A great introductory class that teaches simple cues like sit, come and stay. (For puppies 10 weeks to 5 months old.)

6-week class teaches:
-Simple cues like sit, come & stay
-Basic manners
-Socialization with people & other dogs
-Loose-leash walking

Beginner Training $119
For dogs with no previous training, this class helps strengthen basic manners through impulse-control exercises. (For dogs 5 months old & up.) Give pets a solid foundation of basic behaviors. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why this class focuses on important impulse-control exercises.

6-week class teaches:
-Simple cues like leave it & drop it
-Basic house manners
-Problem solving
-Loose-leash walking

Mobility Assistance Dogs are trained to assist an Individual with a physical or neurological disability by turning on/off lights, opening doors, picking up dropped items, item retrieval, balance assistance, and many other physical assistance tasks.
The cost for this program is not listed on their site, waiting to hear back.

Man's Best Friend
After doing some research, found that they use harsh methods like pinch collars and negative reinforcement to train their subjects, such as screaming "NO!" slapping and spanking when they don't do what you want the dog to do, so we quickly crossed them off our list.

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