First Day at the Office

Kurgo Loft Wonder Bed
After looking on the internet on ways to
"Make your Service Dog Comfy at Work"
and never finding anything we decided to go with trial and error.
We found that Nox didn't like the typical fluffy bed, but preferred to just lie on the ground,
so we got a soft pillow top pillow that was on sale for $30 at Petco.
Photo Credit: Vanesse Perez
Making lots of new friends his first day, allowed my coworkers to only pet his head to
show friendliness, he knew that while in his vest he's working and it's not playtime.
He lay in his bed under my desk, and since he's still a puppy he got restless after about 20 minutes.
Walked him around the office, did a good job of staying with mommy the whole time.
Since we're easing everyone into the situation, we're starting with 30 minute visits while I'm on lunch,
then we'll proceed to having half the day with mommy at work, to a whole day,
to every other day, to full time during the week.

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