Financial Perks

Having a service dog helps me in my day to day living, and although it sucks having disabilities (some are not always visible, so be respectful) having a service animal does have it's perks. Within the first 4 months of Nox's life he needed to have his Rabies Shot, and then be Registered by the City of Plano. Come to find out:
Type of AnimalCost of Registration
Non-Spayed / Neutered Dog / Cat$30 per animal
Spayed / Neutered Dog / Cat / Ferret$10 per animal
The charge for a Spayed / Neutered Pet License drops to $5 if one of the following conditions are met:
  • Owner is 60 years of age or older
  • Owner can provide proof of receiving financial assistance from any government agency due to disability or low income
  • Animal is being used by a law enforcement agency
  • Animal is a certified assistance animal
Learning this, now that he was vaccinated, we knew we didn't want to get him neutered til he was 6 months (to keep his insides healthy) but still it can help someone else who is wanting to save some money with their service dog. Also with his pet insurance through TruPanion made it heck of a lot easier with the finances.

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