Testing Out The Workplace....

How he was when I started writing this update

On the observed holiday at Capital One, my department in Auto Navigator was closed, so to better aware ourselves of the entire campus surroundings, and since barely anyone was going to be on campus, we decided to make it a field trip!

While in Alex's building, we met a fellow Capital One Associate named Brandon, and his Therapy Dog Blue! Happy to know we're not going to be the only ones on campus, Nox got a little too excited (since he is still a puppy) he decided to start barking and wanting to play. Blue did very good in not acknowledging Nox, and tending to his handler, GREAT JOB BLUE! Learning that "Oh, Bark get me told "No" but if I sit and stay quiet I get treats?" Making it easier to train using Positive Reinforcement when he started to get out of control, a light pop on the nose made him realize "Oh, don't do that?" and quickly stopped. We walked in and through all the buildings (1-7) and in each building randomly, we stopped, sat, downed, and stayed while Katie backed away about 10 feet, until she released and said come. Attempted to walk off leash around Katie's desk, since no one was around to distract of all things in our training this is the hardest learning when it's time to play vs when it's time to work. The VEST helps, Nox is learning that in the vest it's time to be on my best behavior, and not whine or bark or want to run around.

On our recent trip to Petco we practiced with the Puppy 1 Pre-Training and went to walk the store, and get some advice. Due to Nox's high drive we wanted to wait to get him fixed so he'd be at an age that it wouldn't mess up his health and hips later in life. With all the research on the internet and we all know just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true I read not to get them fixed until they're 2 years old. Talking to breeders, vetenarians, and even Petco managers/ trainers/ and vet techs, they all said not to wait past 6 months of age. As for the Hip Dysplasia a lot of professionals stated that at 8 months, to switch from puppy formula to adult. Too often people keep feeding their dogs Puppy Formula because they "Want my dog to get as big as possible"....well that's great and all, but the extra growth will cause arthritis and bone problems when their older, so it's best to listen to the experts.

After about an hour of sitting quietly under Katie's desk, it was time to go to the vet to get a health update... I looked down at my feet to see a quietly sleeping Nox. Who had been quiet the entire time I wrote this page, and worked on my computer.
Tired from the day adventures.

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