Training Day #1 Puppy School

Mastered At Home
CGC Testing: 
  • Accepting a Friendly Stranger
  • Socialization
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Reaction to distraction
Service Dog Training:
  • Socialized to tolerate strange sites, sounds, odors etc. in a wide variety of public settings.
  • No soliciting food or petting from other people while on duty
  • Ignores food on the floor or dropped in the dogs vicinity while working outside the home
  • No urinating or defecating in public unless given a specific command or signal to toilet in an appropriate place.
  • Safely cross a parking lot, halt for traffic, and ignore distractions, enter a public place without losing control of the dog.
  • Hold a sit-stay when a shopping cart passes by or when a person stops to chat and pets the dog

Today's Agenda

Today we start our Puppy Training Class part 1. Knowing he already has the basics instilled from home, we wanted to take him through this process to learn how to do them in a distracted environment, around other dogs. Making it hopefully an easier process to be acclimated to other service animals in public spaces. We'll upload a video every week on our Youtube channel with his progress at Puppy School at Petco. As well as how to do it at home!

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Later that night:
Turns out that Nox, since he's already mastered the basic "sit", "stay", and "down" etc at home, when he got to the Puppy #1 training class at Petco, he was not only the star of the class, but got kicked out because it wasn't the class for him. Instead he got upgraded to the C.G.C class at Petco, which is for the elite puppies. I highly recommend if your puppy (like Nox's classmate) hasn't mastered the basics by 4-6 months, then the Puppy #1 class is for you.
Puppy #1 will teach you the importance of :
Socialization at a young age, as we've discussed before it's highly important to have your puppy socialized at a young age. Nox's classmate was a 7 month old beagle who's owner was scared to let him around Nox. Now granted, Nox is a mountain when comparing the beagle as a molehill, however this class will teach any owner that you have to want to socialize your dog, teach them "every dog is their best friend" if you don't socialize at a young age, it could make your dog mean, afraid of both other dogs and or humans. When a dog is still new in this world, it learns quickly, much like a baby would. (This is why babies/ young children can learn other languages much faster than a adult can, because their brains are still developing)
Loose leash walking a saving grace especially if you have a dog that will grow up big, this helps teach your pup to walk with you rather than drag you.
Basic manners like "sit", "stay", and "Down" etc. This is a very important thing to train for your dog at a young age, because it'll be easier for them to behave in public settings.
Potty training help helps with ideas on how to help your puppy understand where they can and can not go to the bathroom.
Coming when called especially helpful when training not only a service dog but any dog, if you're outside without a leash, you wouldn't want your dog running up to a stranger without you, so if you teach to "come when called" it makes it easier to control you dog in outside settings.
Chewing, teething, digging and more it makes a great helping hand, they can suggest toys, treats and tool to help save your carpets, crown molding, furniture, and other items from being destroyed by a sore toothed puppy.

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