Tips on Acclimating To The Workplace.

Baby Steps First: We started bringing in Nox for 10-20 minutes at a time,when no one was in the workplace. After he understood that when he's at work he is to only lay under my desk, and automatically knew where to go when he came into the building, then and only then was when we tried for longer.
After He Was Used To Baby Steps: and it was just second nature, we tried to do the baby steps on a Saturday, when my co workers are in the office but there's much less people than during the weekdays. Once he got used to being here on my lunch break, we upgraded.
Baby Steps Stage #3:  After being so successful for the lunch breaks, we moved to 2 hours on a Saturday. This way if he got too excited Alex was off work, and could come and get him and take him home. We only did this for the second half of the day so we could exhaust him in the morning. 
The Big Leagues-Baby Steps Edition:We started using the Calming Tablets that we used for our road trip to Oklahoma (See blog post here) which worked great! We'd play in the morning before work, Nox would get dressed for work, knowing when the vest is on, it's time for "Best Behavior" only time. I'd bring him on my days off (when I'd work overtime for 2 hours in the morning) and we'd sit at my desk. He'd still wine a little but I'd pet him with my feet and he'd be fine. Sensing when I have an anxiety attack, just like he does at home, he'd curl around my feet and do a purring thing with his chest and give me the look of "You ok mommy? Calm down." 

---------------------------More to come, the more in depth training we do!-------------------------

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