Nox's 5 Month Update

ESA Puppy: Completed Training, as long as the dog can naturally calm you down this one is pretty easy. You can take the dog (the younger the better) to be trained by a service to help you in times of anxiety attacks etc, but luckily for me, whenever I'm having an anxiety attack it's Nox's second nature to curl up around my feet and does this purring thing with his chest or licks me to see if I'm ok. If I'm stressed he can sense it and does everything he can to calm me down.
CGC Training: We've completed 7 out of 11 steps with flying colors. Still working on Walking through a crowd, Reaction to another dog, and Supervised Separation before we do our Socialization Test. We're in Week #2 of our Petco CGC Training class, already passing with flying colors the key is to keep practicing at home.
Service Animal Training: Most of the required training is covered in the CGC classes. We've covered almost all items on what a Service Dog should be able to do we're just learning some elements that help me at this point such as:
Learning shake, which will progress to high five, which will in turn help him understand to press the handicap door button for me.
Holding food within 18" of dog, while he ignores it, we've mastered "Don't take or even look at my food" it's just if it's close to him he expects it's his. Everything else that's required for Service Dog Training is currently being covered in his CGC classes. Once he passes all items on the CGC test, that's when we'll focus more on the Service Training. What makes it easier is when you raise a dog in the life of a service animal, they don't know the difference from a young age, so they think good behavior is normal behavior, which is what you want.

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