#TuesdayReel 12/15

As promised! Our once weekly update on our training videos 
have been added to Nox's Training Playlist on our YouTube Channel

In Training This Week
We Worked On:
Sit & Stay
Accepting A Friendly Stranger
Sit For Pet
& Even Had Some Bloopers

One thing we're working on now, is not reacting to other dogs, and since Nox is always with me he's having trouble with Supervised Separation, and whining when I'm not with him.
One thing I've learned is that it's hard to break a dog of anxiety once they have it. Having them sleep in a kennel at night helps a little, but we were suggested that Doggy Daycare will also help. Giving them the idea that "Oh, if mommy isn't with me, it's ok?"
We're going to be working on the reaction to other dogs with our neighborhood friends, two people passing each other with the dogs on the outside. (Videos to come)

Stay Tuned for more updates each week!

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