We Are Back!

After a long leave from owner Katie, having reconstructive leg surgery so I can properly walk without a cane at 26 years old, we are finally back up and running! While we've been away Nox has had a break, and made a girlfriend (we'll post her on our Facebook page) and there's a video of Nox & Daya Playing Together on our Youtube page! Nox learned how to stand up on hind legs and get things off the counter for me, and also learned how to bring me items from another room! I myself as the handler am taking the next two weeks to readjust to work life before I bring Nox with me to work. He thus far is not happy about not being with me 24/7 anymore but has been doing his home duties like helping me with panic attacks, anxiety episodes, night terrors and making sure I'm not hurt if I'm on the floor. Stay tuned for more updates and training exercises!

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