New Acclimating

Being out of the work office for a long time, can impact your puppy on training, and other skills learned around the workplace. True, while at home you can do training like Get this for me or help me up I've fallen but skills like Stay Under My Desk when I don't need your help takes time to learn back, depending on your pup's age. I myself, having been gone for so long, wanted to give myself time to relearn my job (so I don't make mistakes) before I brought Nox back to work and have him re-acclimate. Took me about a week (I'm giving myself 2 weeks) before I really got the hang of things. It's the same for a service animal. Give them time, patience, and understanding when coming back to work. We've been practicing at home to sit by me and not be impatient (remember he's still only 11 months old) while hanging out. Having gotten so used to relaxing and not being in a workplace environment, Nox has gotten used to just being your average run of the mill puppy. Being a Shepherd, I have no worries about him getting re-acclimated back to work. A best practice is to bring your dog to the office with no one there, get used to the scenery again so it's not such a shock their first day back, maybe bring them on a slow day when not a lot of people are in the office.

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