New Gear


Having an all black German shepherd, and him being a boy, I wanted him to have some strong, heavy duty, military grade like collar. This collar is amazing, very sturdy, lots of places to Velcro to, and even a handle.

Rose Gold Engraved Buckle $10
Being creative, and because I don’t like him to “jingle” with tags, I wanted to get a buckle that would stand out on his collar. So we got this rose gold buckle off of Etsy, and engraved his name, that he’s vaccinated, and his web URL with all his ID’s and records. This way I can just update the website, and he’s always up to date, and no more jingle.

Digital Leash / Vibrating & Shock Collar $40
Okay, I’m a firm believer that these can be used responsibly. We rarely even use the shock, and even if we do it’s on the lowest setting. Nox occasionally has a hard time remember not to run up to dogs to play, that’s literally it. But we do use the beep, and vibrate occasionally, and it works wonders!

The Finished Product!
Because I didn’t want him to wear multiple collars, get the judgement for the shock/vibrate collar, we combined all three into the ultimate dog collar. With a little help from a seamstress, and some Velcro and fabric glue we have an easily hidden shock collar under the handle, and it’s removable for when we’re playing in water, and a bright colored ID buckle!

The Last Running Belt, You'll EVER Buy $32
I'm able to put treats, my phone, dog bags, wet wipes, water, collar remote, toys, and so much more in this belt. It's easy wash, actually comfortable, and also is big enough to fit me! Come with an extra hook in the middle allowing me to make the leash a shorter one, or add an extra dog!

"Big Boy" Service Dog Harness $23
Once we outgrow the "pulling" stage, this harness is a lot smaller than the picture, but fits everything, it's like a Tardis bigger on the inside. I can fit my phone, power bank, cable, and passport in one pocket, and bags, paperwork, keys, and more in the other. It's comfortable enough for Nox to even sleep in, and he doesn't run away when it comes time to put it on!

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