Training During Covid

 Training during the pandemic of Covid-19 is about as hard as you can imagine. Working for a healthcare company, we were all sent to work from home, which is great, but not so good for task training, as Nox tends to be more focused in a "work" environment, vs a home environment. 

One thing that always amazes me, is that people (non-handlers) expect for a service dog, to "always" be on duty. This is not the case. Just the same as a person goes to work, a service dog also needs down time to recover, and recharge, and well, to be honest, play, they're still a dog! 

When we wear our vest (check out our new gear) we know we're working, as well as our new collar. This helps him realize when I'm having a hard day medically and need him to be by my side to help me with my day to day triggers.

We know that during Covid a lot of places were shut down, or less busy, and this was perfect for training! We decided we were going to fly home for Thanksgiving, not knowing if it was going to be as busy at airports like it usually is around the holiday time, we decided to take the opportunity to use it to our advantage for training! Our journey for preparing to fly is posted and we look forward to more updates soon!

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