Canine Good Citizen Testing

 First off, What is CGC?

Basically the basics of "being a good dog". Petco offers classes for Puppy #1, #2, and #3, and in the #3rd class you can get a CGC Certificate. It's for basic obedience, and is suggested to start as early as possible when they're a puppy! You can never start too early!

Training Resources

There are lots of places you can go to, we suggest either a easy option of someplace like Petco or Petsmart (to save money) but if you haven't been doing the basics at home, start small maybe with a 1x1 trainer.

Taking the Test

Don't worry, you'll work up to it, but repetition and practice is the key parts. At Petco, they gave us homework every week. Now I know that there's work, life, etc but you have to be dedicated and diligent.  You will have to put in the work now to reap the rewards later, the hard work will pay off. I get told all the time, "He's so well behaved, what's your secret?!" and I tell them, Every day, rain or shine, tired/ sick, it doesn't matter, you put in 2-4 hours of training, every day. After 700+ hours of training, you're where you want to be (depending on the dog), training never stops though, you're learning them, as much as they're learning you. 

After the Test

There's 5 categories of CGC, click the links to learn more!

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