First time Flying


Our First Time Flying!

Morning Schedule (Pre-Airport)

-Up at 6:00am, gave Benadryl for calmDramamine For motion sicknessand Trazodone (100mg for anxiety)

-Went to the park to play ball til 7am

-Washed our paws, put on our shoes and vest

drank some water, and headed to the airport.


-Took a blanket for the back of the car to be

nice to their seats, this is always appreciated

by the driverI used to tell my Uber on their way to

pick me up “Hey, just so you know,

I have a service dog.”

but after doing this multiple times,

I would be dropped. So I Stopped Doing ItNow I have to deal with Ubers coming to get

me, but if they see I have a dog clearly wearing

a vest and they refuse me,

I take it up with Uber for discrimination.

At the Airport

-When we got to the airport, we checked out

suitcase outside at curbside,

I think being outside made him more


-We got our boarding passes,

yes he required an extra seat however the airline told us that as

long as he’s behaved, we could be reimbursed

for the seat, after the flight.

-Going through TSA refer to our previous post

First Time Flying for how we did through going into TSA.

We did not have Priority Boarding however, not knowing this, I simply asked the attendee at the gate if I did or not,

to which they replied “You don’t but since you have such a nice

well behaved doggy I’ll let you go through” My mother always says “You don’t ask, you don’t get

-We did get pulled aside for our “Marshmallows stuffed

with meds” which the TSA agent was like “Oh wait, I know what that is, that’s for your

dog right? You’re good” so be wary of that.

-Once we got to our gate, we asked the

attendee where the closest “pet relief station” was. This is always good to know.

Nox doesn’t like to go on artificial grass,

so that’s something to be aware of,

try to go before you head to the airport,

or even if it’s outside the airport itself.

On The Plane

-We flew on Southwest.

We got the Pre-Board since we’re flying

with a service animal.

You don’t have to purchase this with a

Service Dog. I do suggest to sit in the front

as there’s more leg room, but be prepared

for there not to be a tray, easy trade off.

-Right before take off, our lovely

flight attendant Liz gave a wonderful

instructional demonstration which really

got Nox’s attention!

Take Off

-Take off actually went a lot smoother than

anticipated. Once we got to our seat,

I placed a blanket (same one we used for

Uber), a small bowl of water, his favorite

toy with a treat inside, and buckled him in.

We got car seat buckles, and simply

buckled the airplane seat, and attached

the car seat to the airplane seatbelt.

This gave him room to move around our isle.

-Make sure your dog is not in the isle,

you will get into trouble for this.

-We brought a “Dog Bag” as our

2nd carry-on. This made it easier to

store things like the handlers belt,

bottles of water, treats, and seat buckles

in on the plane.

After Take Off

-The lovely flight attendants handed out

snacks, and Nox got TWO trail mixes,

He was thinking, “I get treatos and cookies the whole flight?! This is AWESOME!

-About halfway through the flight he started

to get a little antsy, but once I told him “Halfway there” he pretty much gave up and decided to take

a nap

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