War & Peace


We forgive you. 

Today I wrote out a long letter about forgiveness. I thought about sharing it, but what good would that do, except for air dirty laundry? I wrote about forgiveness for a certain individual who has caused me immeasurable pain over a year. Forgiveness for myself for being na├»ve into thinking that everyone has kindness in their heart, & hasn’t been tainted with the bitterness that time can sometimes bring, in later years in life. I asked forgiveness from my partner, Nox, for not being able to play with him at home, due to outsider circumstances. I also wrote about how I was grateful for the experiences that these trials over the past few months have helped me understand myself. My pain, my conditions, my coping mechanisms, & how I’m much stronger than I realized before. I am proud of who I am, even with disabling conditions, my faith, my soul, how I treat others, all of it. I also know that a certain grace can come with forgiving someone. There’s a beautiful release of pressure when you let go of all the hate & anger in your heart, & just choose peace. Now this in no way means don’t stand up for yourself, but they can’t win a game you refuse to play. So I’ve chosen to forgive. Forgive them for trying to use this website, by combing through all its pages of knowledge & looking for an angle to cause pain, & for everything since I’ve met them.

For anyone else reading this, & dealing with someone who puts negativity towards you, my advice to you, forgive them. Not for their benefit, but for yours. There are trials in life that will swallow you whole if you let them, you’re better than that. You deserve peace, to feel safe, to feel loved, to feel respected, & to feel confident, never let anyone take that from you, because they’re not worth it. Some people have things going on in their lives that makes them the way they are, all you can do is wish them well, & hope they find their peace. Not everyone in this world is kind, or respectful. Not everyone in this world is going to understand your conditions, or what you live through on a day to day basis, & that’s ok.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re going to put 2022 behind us starting today, instead of waiting for the New Year, why wait right? Live, Love, & be Merry this holiday season, by however you celebrate. Hold your loved ones close, & remember, any day could be your last day on Earth, do you want to be remembered as someone who had hate in their heart? Or someone who forgave?