Nox Goes To Chihuly & Museum of Fine Arts!


Glass Museum of Chihuly

Museum of Fine Arts

Silence is golden - Before bringing Nox to the glass museum we went for about an hour walk and trolly ride, he did really good in the exhibit not approaching and staying quiet! On day #2 we went to the larger Museum of Fine Arts. There was a children's class there so he was a bit more distracted and a little whiny. This brings me to a very important point, it's important to bring your dog with you out places. Covid has made both him and I reclusive, and anti-social, which for a dog is detriment. So We're using our super collar with corrective actions to help this behavior. The more you and your dog work as a team, the stronger the bond, and the understanding between the two of you, as a unit.

Bring Treats! - Before bringing your dog establish that good quiet behavior earns rewards, such as treats! We used dehydrated beef livers. Make sure to pack a bunch! You should also be sure to ask where water fountains/ bathrooms are for rehydration of your dog!

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