Nox Goes To Disney!

For the magical world of the happiest place on earth, you will want to plan your trip for your Service Partner as well. We looked into a vest to keep Nox cool while in the hot Florida heat, I still wanted him to be in a vest, but because he's already all black we went with this nicely made vest from Etsy to keep cool and a cute custom Disney Bandana to match. It's also a good idea to have them groomed (less shedding) prior to going, because that will help with the heat too. 

We were sure to pack a doggy first aid kit, (which came with bowls!), but added in things like Pepto (liquid gels), and Dramamine. There was space for his treats too! We brought his shoes, Copy of vaccination records and put it all his own backpack. Diaper bags are great because they can also keep things cool, hold mini waters instead of bottles, give access to bags and wipes, and be a comfortable and stylish backpack at the same time! Too bad Disney ones are hard to find!

Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World

Want to go on all the rides your companion can't go on? Give them a relaxing, but playful day off if your disability will allow it at, Best Friends Pet Care Doggy Day Camp it's like Disney World for dogs.


Small Indoor Camp View

Big Indoor Camp View

Small Camp Outdoor View

Big Camp Outdoor View

When ya gotta go, you gotta go!

There are specific areas designated especially for service animals,
especially in the extreme heat/humidity in Florida, Disney understands,
that everyone, even service animals need to have a break.
In some cases, relief areas are backstage so
the animals get take a break from all of the
hustle and bustle of being around a crowd.

Adventureland, it’s adjacent to Pirates Of The Caribbean

Frontierland it’s adjacent to Tom Sawyer Island

Liberty Square it’s adjacent to Liberty Tree Inn

Fantasyland it’s behind The Barnstormer

Tomorrowland it’s near the Space Mountain Restrooms

Animal Kingdom has the following locations:

Dinoland U.S.A, and Asia near the restrooms in all locations.

Hollywood Studios has two locations including

in front of all First Aid area(s)

Echo Lake next to ABC Commissary Lane restrooms. 

There are four locations in Epcot: 

Future World East and West, 

United Kingdom, and Norway near the restrooms behind the shops, next to Imagination!

Also right and left of the restrooms, respectively.

Besides the parks, you’re allowed to bring your service animal to any of the Disney resort hotels. However, as is true with having your animal anywhere, you must make sure that they are not being rowdy or obtrusive. Plus, you’ll want the Cast Members to be happy that your dog is staying there and be willing to welcome you both back.

Here are Disney’s dog-friendly resorts, if you want your pup to also be around other dogs:

If you book a stay at one of Disney’s pet-friendly resorts,

you can request a Pluto’s Welcome Kit.

The kit includes a pet ID tag, a mat, bowls, disposable doggie bags,

puppy pads, dog walking maps, and a Pluto-theme “do not disturb,”

sign so the resort staff knows you have a dog in your room.

Doing this on a hard floor as in the bathroom or kitchen (if your accommodations have one) will make wiping the floor up when they’re done much easier. Further, if your room is equipped with a vacuum, it’s a good idea to vacuum especially if your dog sheds. If your room does not have a vacuum, leaving an extra tip for Mouse-keeping is a polite way to say “thank you.”

Pluto Welcome Kit

Need to let your dog out before calling it a night? Don’t worry, Disney has you covered with pet walkways and green spaces at all of their pet-friendly hotels. The best part? You won’t have to go far to reach one of these areas. All pet-friendly rooms are located near the walkways and green spaces.

Disney World allows guests to bring in food and non-alcoholic drinks (as long as nothing is in glass containers), and that is extended to service dogs as well. Disney World does not charge admission to service dogs. Service dogs are usually trained pretty well, and some may be off leash at all time, but not at Disney World. Service dogs are required to remain on a leash or harness at all times while in the park.

Disney Rules with Service Animals

When making your Advanced Dining Reservations, you should reserve space for your service animal as a plus one. You can do this much like you would for a baby. For example, if there are two dining guests in your party, reserve two plus one. Explain to the reservation agent that you’ll have your service dog with you. Furthermore, plan to arrive at the restaurant early. When you enter with a dog, you might have some explaining to do. The host might also have to find a different table than they had planned if it’s not the right height or if it would put you or your animal in an interfering location.

You can get  (GAC) at any of the four parks, all you need to do is go to the Guest Relations office which is always near the entrance, and bring the individual with you.

Advise the cast member, what you need assistance with; for example for someone with Autism, they normally can’t wait in lines for long, and don’t do well with crowds. Most of the time cast members will put you down the Fast Pass lane, (if you’re nice about it) or handicap lane (if there is one), making your wait much shorter. I’d suggest the accompanying party get a Fast Pass, or Fast Pass+ to join them. The GAC Card does work at Epcot for Characters too!

You can request a stroller or wheelchair with a red sticker on it, this will allow you to use the stroller/wheelchair in the line right up until you board the ride, or get to the show! This also notifies other cast members to try their best to keep you all together. By having this card, at shows it will allow you to sit in the handicap section. Disney Quest at Downtown Disney does not allow strollers, unless you have this card.

Our favorite part is they will not ask for a doctors’ note, or any proof of disability. They also offer specialized maps for those with disabilities at all the parks at Guest Services!

  • Epcot

    For additional disability info click here!

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