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Everyday Spaw Care starts with washing of the snoot, and removing eye boogies, checking our sound flaps, because having ears that stand up can get extra dirty sometimes. Brushing of teeth with mama in the morning, and checking our snoot for bumps.

When we do go to the groomers, we ask for the De-Shed Treatment bath, but because of his sensitive skin, we usually also have a sensitive skin wash after, with a conditioner. After the bath, we ask they trim down with the 2 in 1 Wahl Double Row Rake with Shedding Blade then trim him down with a Wahl Lithium Ion Rechargeable Deluxe Pro Series Pet Clipper with the 5 blade, but on his tail that they just brush it out, a lot. His fur is weird when cut on his tail, and never comes out right, so we find if it’s brushed a lot it looks better, which is why we love the Wahl Large Dog Slicker Brush. We do not like him shaved on his belly, but we do like the paw pads trimmed up for fur, his face (especially his neck), and sanitary area, and booty trimmed up, and his gray sideburns on the front shoulders have the most coarse hair, so we usually ask for that to be extra conditioned.

All other "extras" like how he does with other items are listed above to make it easier for you as groomers. If you have anything to add to this page as a groomer, please let the owner know at checkout, bonus points if you take a video!

Preparing for bath time

First we start with a nail grind to trim up our long nails, trimmed to nubs because we have hardwood floors. then an hour of brush out with the Furminator. This get’s the loose hairs that otherwise would clog up the drain, and you don’t want to deal with that. We did get a Tub Shroom and that helps collect the hair, and I personally use a filter in my shower, and it hooks up to his Shower Hose as well as my shower head.

For the main event! We start with Burt's Bees Care+ Cleansing Charcoal & Coconut Oil Shampoo or Burt's Bees Itch Relief Shampoo and give a good rub down. Then we use Burt's Bees Care+ Hydrating Coconut Oil Conditioner, while the conditioner gets deep into his coat, we brush his teeth with Well & Good Tartar Control, dogs are known for when they get older to have gingivitis, by starting him on this at a young age, he got used to it twice a week. This is just to help them be healthy in the long run, and if you raise your dog by doing this at a young age, it won’t seem un-natural when they’re older. 

His front two teeth got chipped because someone thought it would be a good idea to offer mommy a rock to throw instead of a ball and chipped his teeth picking it up. 🤦

Then we rinse!

After bath time, it’s time to clean our ears with a simple cotton ball, dirt gets deep in there, so we try to do this often so it's not caked in there, and then once we are dried, we spray a little Only Natural Pet Hydrating Spray Aloe + Hemp, especially on his gray sideburns, this leaves him with that fresh and clean from the groomer's smell and also helps with his sensitive skin issues. Nox does not like industrial blowers or blowouts, so we've always just used the standard hair blow dryer, which he does fine with.

For our Finishing Touches, we brush with the Furminator again, and apply some of the Espree Paw Balm to make him have soft paws.

Nox is very anxious about having his glands done, so we usually have him sedated (with Trazodone) every 6 months or so, to have that done. Last visit was on 04/17/2021.

A groomer at Petco one time forced and hurt him, so ever since then he gets very nervous when someone goes near his butt because he's scared it'll hurt. We will never go back to that groomer again.

Nox apparently had a pollen allergy at a young age, and this made him not itch anymore, 
with his sensitive skin it worked perfectly. 
This stuff makes him as soft as he was, when he was a puppy so it’s great for the price, but be prepared to use a lot
Then once we’re dried, and out of the bath, we spray a little Espree Natural Aloe Hydrating Mist this leaves him with that 
fresh and clean from the groomer's smell and also helps with his sensitive skin issues.

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