Moving into Phase #3

We only have these last two tasks to master for our Phase #2 training for the Canine Good Citizen training, and then we'll be moving into Phase #3 of Service Dog Training.

#1 Remain calm with someone else while handler is away 
from dog for 3 minutes, without seeming anxious or nervous. 

#2 Remain calm while another dog passes 

within 6ft of the team during the test.

     When we go into Phase #3 training, most of the tasks Nox has already mastered... there's only 11 items left for him to completely master before he graduates from Service Dog in Training to Service Dog.

1.  Alert to low blood sugar levels
2. Get personal items for you
3. Carry items for you
4. Deliver payment to a store clerk, or receive and carry merchandise for you
5. Provide bracing for you to stand up or steady yourself
6. Target away from dangerous areas
7. No soliciting food or petting from other people while on duty
8. No sniffing merchandise or people or intruding another dogs space while on duty
9. Works calmly on a leash. No unruly behavior or unnecessary vocalization in public settings
10. Hold a sit-stay when someone drops food on the floor; hold a down-stay when someone sets a plate of food on the floor within 18” of the dog, then removes it a minute later.
11. Remain calm is someone else holds the leash while the handler moves away 20ft.

Trainer's Tip** When going from one phase of training to another, I found a best practice was to slowly start adding on other training tasks from phase #3 while still doing phase #2. ie heeling through isles, holding a down stay as a child approaches and pets dog, hold a sit-stay when a shopping cart passes by or when a person stops to pet etc. This made it seem like all one training rather than phases.

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