Nox Post Surgery

We're creating a video montage of the entire process but it will take time to edit.

Day #1 Thursday
Nox's surgery originally went very well, a little scared and puked on his way to the doctor, but once we got him home, he was calm and just wanted to sleep. We ended up having to get a different E-Collar, from the one the vet gave us, due to the fact that when he climbed out stairs up or down to go to the bathroom, the cone would hit the stairs, and knock him down the stairs, and also not being able to fit in his kennel comfortably.

Day #2 Friday

When we woke up the next morning to check on him his incision site seemed to have massive and abnormal swelling. From the size of looking like surgery never happened to ping-pong balls to tennis balls. Concerned we called the vet emergency line (which was given to us after the surgery) they stated "Since he was still on antibiotics from being allergic to pollen, some extra swelling was expected. However if consisted for 4 days to bring him back in, as a seroma may have happened."

Day #3 Saturday

We believe the swelling kept constant due to him being so well potty trained that since we live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building, he had to take the stairs to get to the grassy area. We attempted to use Potty Pads on our patio and inside, but were unsuccessful. He ended up using them as blankets instead. So we tried harder at walking slowly down the stairs, no walks, no park time, and very little active playtime at home...he was miserable.
Day #4 Sunday
After 4 days the swelling has gone down, but is still at the size for concern. The vet advised us to wait another day and if the swelling has not gone down to make an appointment to see them again. They had gone from tennis ball size back down to ping-pong ball size and began to look less bruised.

Day #5 Monday
He originally had training this day which gives us time to do a #TuesdayReel, but due to him still recovering we decided to hold off. With him having 1 more training class til he has his Canine Good Citizen test, we wanted him to be fully ready for a in-depth test run. Hoping that with him being fixed his focus would increase and be more adept to his training routines.

Day #6 Tuesday
Almost a full week from when he began his recovery, he now has spurts of energy, then is calm and back down to being in pain. Yet, he seems to be slowly coming back around to his happy loving self. Upset with still having to be in his cone, but adapted to walking in it now.

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