Nox is 6 Months Old!

It's Noxs' 6th Month Birthday on January 26th, 2018! To celebrate we got oodles of new toys from Petco, which we've featured on our new T&T (Treats & Toys) page! For his birthday Nox will be going to get fixed this week, so we wanted to celebrate before his birthday. His Facebook Page has a goal to get 100 likes before his surgery, we're currently at 31 with 69 more likes to go! Our Facebook page is all about giving out information on our events, pictures from Instagram Page, and updates for our website. Eventually once we get more people to follow our story, we'll be sending out packages to fans! We also have a Twitter Page where we post our polls and trivia, and links to our Youtube Channel, where we post all our cute, training, #SnuggleSunday and other fun videos! We'll be posting Nox going into surgery and coming out on Friday after the procedure, to show everyone he's doing ok!

We decided to get Nox fixed since he was struggling so much with the Separated Supervision task, which is needed in order to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test, which is needed to go into the #3 Phase of Training Service Dog Training which we have already started implementing on a day to day basis.

Pro Tip* When raising your own service dog, it's better to raise them in the life of being a service dog, training every day, doing the same helpful tasks every day. This way they adapt to seeing this as normal vs other dogs normal.

Service Training Thus Far
So far, we've mastered the press a handicap buttondeep pressure therapy, calming in a panic attack, cuddle on cue, and waking me up if I'm having a night terror.

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