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Easy Walk Deluxe
When compared to it’s Original (as shown in our As A Puppy Products Page) this one seems to fit the more adult size dog, while giving extra cushion. Still no pulling, and is also reflective for those late night walks.
wish I knew about this product sooner!
It's a soft, waterproof cover for your back seat
making a hammock of comfort for your pup in the back seat. We put chew toys in the pockets, and a towel for him to snuggle with. I've noticed Nox liked the back seat more with a pillow too.
While on our long car ride trips, we break these tablets up into chunky peanut butter, and wrap it in bacon. Pay attention to the recommended dosing. Nox can often get carsick, according to our vet, You can give a dog Dramamine, just consult your vet for the dosage amount, and you can mix it into the peanut butter too! We use this when he's at my office to keep him calm and  not rowdy while being in the call center.

I attached a heavy duty command hook to my desk and attach the other side to Nox's vest when he's under my desk. This prevents him from leaving if he suddenly get's excited, and it's also useful to tie around your waist while walking if you're still having issues with your pup walking with you and not pulling you.

We Grew Up! Better leash listed!

If you need your dog to carry items such as medications etc and need something with pockets we'd suggest a vest a little more heavy duty like the OneTigris we opted for this basic vest (shown above) due to it being easier for Nox to lay down in.

We Grew Up! Same brand better vest!

When your baby is all grown up, it's best to have them in their vest when they're out, if you don't want to that's fine, it's not a requirement, however is does keep small children from rushing up to you, and demanding to pet your dog.

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