T&T Reviews

Prairie Dog Bully Sticks

All natural snacks without the smell like the original Bully Sticks and added bonus they're cheaper too! From personal recommendation I'd start with the individual buy 6" sticks of the original version to see if your dog likes them, and if they do,

Rachel Ray Nutrish Treats

Nox enjoys all the varieties, and I keep breaking them up and use them for training, a bedtime treat, and when he’s been good, he particularly like the beef and chicken roasters!


We love Finley’s Barkery.

They’re allergen free, nutrient packed, and more importantly 50% of profits go to disabled communities. That alone made us join their cause, well, that and Nox loves their Salmon Treats. We keep them in our running belt, for when we’re out at restaurants or in public to remind him he’s doing good. We’re just so grateful there’s a company out there who is helping our disabled communities! You can read about their mission by clicking here.

Prairie Dog Deer Antler

Antlers tend to be a little expensive, but luckily there's this beautiful $10 hidden gem. Not only does it last a good while, but it's also a natural way to clean your dogs teeth while keeping them occupied at the same time!

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball

When I say this ball will not die I mean it. Jolly Pets makes soccer balls that can withstand a horse for play, I got this on a whim years ago and it’s still intact. No popping, millions of holes, but self inflates!

All For Paws Squirrel

I don't even want to admit how many of these I've gotten over the years, it is by far his current favorite toy.

Nerf Dog Flyer

Traditional frisbees break due to the pressure of biting, not this one! Flies great, floats in water, it's a lot easier for him to catch mid-air, and can easily be worn on a running belt!

Nerf Dog Checker Ball

We personally get the one with the squeak over the crunch, but that's just us, because the squeaker will last a bit. However even when/if the squeaker dies, this ball is still extremely durable, great for indoor play, and/or outdoor play!

Mr. Wiggles

The OG toy. Originally named Ali the Alligator, we renamed Mr. Wiggles, and I don't even want to admit how many of this toy I've gotten over the years, both Mr. Wiggles and Mufasa get cuddles at bedtime (when they're not in the infirmary toy chest) 😉

Mufasa Da Moose

My mom (who loves moose), my sister (who's nickname was moose) and now Nox, all love Meeses? Mooses? Originally named Marvin (my grandpa's name) we renamed him Mufasa!

Mr. Mouse

I get tired of squeakers sometimes, so I thought we’d give a grunting toy a try, well, I had this in a bag, and was going to give it to him the next morning. In the night, the little thief, got it out of the bag, and brought it to bed, and it didn’t wake me up! So I love it, I work from home, so he can play with it, without it causing too much noise.

We follow Jade & Jasper
 *Trigger Warning For Video*
PTSD related video to my phobia
When we saw how much Jade loves her Ouch Mouse, we had to get one of our own. Nox is obsessed with grunting toys lately, and they appear to last longer than squeaking toys, so that’s just a win win in my book!

Bionic Ball

When this thing says indestructible it means it.

Having a German Shepherd he usually ruins most of  his toys, but this toy can stand its ground.

West Paw Quizl Stick

We use this as a stress reliever, throw in a bully stick or some treats and set his mind to work. This toy makes him think, occupies him for a solid 5-10 minutes, and it’s way less messy on carpet than a Kong with peanut butter!

Duck #3

Daddy Duck

Our solution to the Graveyard of Ducks!

This duck like the Bionic Ball is indestructible, even if punctured, still keeps squeaking!

Wild Knots Bear (Large)

As Nox got older, so did his mouth, so we upgraded to the larger one as he got older.

Very durable!

Duck Obsessions:

Duck #1
Baby Duck
Extra Small toy but came with an extra squeaker, lasted about an hour. I'd recommend for smaller dogs, but not for big ones!
Duck #2
Mama Duck
Larger than Duck #1, thought would last longer, to no avail, lasted about 2 hours, til destroyed.

Wild Knots Bear (Small)
This is a great little bear that Nox actually 
insists on sleeping with him, til he found out the ropes inside!
He loves the rope! We call it the spaghetti bear now
(from all the ropes hanging out)
Rest in peace: we got rid of him because he was no arms, and he had lost interest after 5 weeks, but regained interest with the larger model!


Leaps & Bounds Toss & Tug
The replacement to Knot Rope!
It was going great til he discovered that the handle
was made of rubber.

 We tried using the apple bitters on it,
but since it's rubber

 it came right off. 
Lasted about 3 months

Indestructible Beef Rope (Large)
Made from the 

same material as fire hoses,
This rope is hopefully 

the last rope we'll ever buy!
Made to last after about a month, 

and not even a dent!
After awhile, we ended up throwing it out because 

it just started to smell bad.

Knot Rope
We have this in blue but Nox loves to play tug-o-war, but this rope has withstood
 the tearing teeth of our little German Shepherd pup, even through his teething months.
Often sleeping with this toy in case he wants to chew in his kennel.
Rest in peace: Had for 3 months til he broke the rope in half

Nerf Dog Crunchable Squeak Ball
This is so far Nox's favorite toy currently.
It's durable, crunches, squeaks (if he bites really hard.)
We like it because he really has to work to get the sqeak
(which is 100% fine with us!!)
We've had it for a few weeks, and the outer shell really helps
protect the interior red (the crunch material).

Starmark Dispensing Ball
Originally when we bought this it can with
a free bag of Starmark Treats which were
NOT worth it, even if they were free.
The treats were like thick plastic and Nox wouldn't eat them
honestly I don't blame him 
We gave him his usual treats inside
Cloud Star Treats in Salmon or Liver flavors.
Or break up pet friendly jerky in Duck or Chicken flavors.
After 3 months the rubber pieces broke away.

Crinkle Stick
A great alternative to a bone, with ridges that get into their teeth,
and a crinkle sound when they chew, this keeps Nox entertained for hours.
**Warning** when he was young and his teeth were growing in and baby teeth
falling out, this toy did make his gums bleed. This is normal we gave him
frozen chicken and beef stock as ice cubes, and this soothed his gums.
Rest in peace: Lasted 2 months til he ate away the plastic and destroyed the cotton mesh inside

The Wubba
We love our Wubba, coming with strips to pull on, a knotted rope, and a squeaker ball in the top, it's perfect for at home tug of war, but also good for quiet play.
If you expect this to last about a day at the mouth of a German Shepherd, you'd be correct. 😂


So I saw this in a TikTok video, and knew Nox would like it. It keeps him entertained, without the noise, so we’ll see how long it lasts!

Rest in pieces little toy. This was great for about 3 weeks, but once he realized there was a ball inside, it was game over. The ball still lasted, and he still plays with the dead "fur" as if it's his best friend.


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