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Just some quick tips from random pages while going 
through Noxs' progress, that can help dog owners everywhere!

Because I didn’t want him to wear multiple collars, get the judgment for the shock/vibrate collar, we combined all three into the ultimate dog collar. With a little help from a seamstress, and some Velcro and fabric glue we have an easily hidden shock collar under the handle, and it’s removable for when we’re playing in water, and a bright colored ID buckle!

The Last Running Belt, You'll EVER Buy $32

I'm able to put treats, my phone, dog bags, wet wipes, water, collar remote, toys, and so much more in this belt. It's easy wash, actually comfortable, and also is big enough to fit me! Come with an extra hook in the middle allowing me to make the leash a shorter one, or add an extra dog!    

The Every-Day Harness $28

Since we live in Florida, it gets hot for an all black German Shepherd. This harness is made of mesh and is good at not digging into the sides. Easy to put on, and works like a charm with no pulling.

"Going Out" Service Dog Harness $23

Once we outgrow the "pulling" stage, this harness is a lot smaller than the picture, but fits everything, it's like a Tardis bigger on the inside. I can fit my phone, power bank, cable, and passport in one pocket, and bags, paperwork, keys, and more in the other. It's comfortable enough for Nox to even sleep in, and he doesn't run away when it comes time to put it on!

I can't even begin to say how many compliments we get on these. I raised him in shoes, because I don't like mud in my house, so if it's raining, or muddy, shoes go on! There is a shorter version of them, but we found they kept coming off when he ran, and made a rub burn on the upper paw pad, the longer version stays put and didn't cause an abrasion!

Light Up Collar $30
This light up collar is awesome, and so bright we saw someone at the dog park using it one night, and especially since he's all black, he's practically invisible in the dark so this was a great find!

Sometimes when going out, people are afraid of the "German Shepherd" so I got a light, breathable muzzle, he only really wears it when we go to places like the movies, or the mall.

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